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Sheet Metal Manufacturing Questions:

What does SysCom do?

SysCom is a custom sheet metal fabricator of light to Heavy gauge material specializing in short lead times for low - medium volume production. We provide laser cutting upto 25mm, CNC turret punching up to 6mm. We offer forming and shearing to 6mm thick and 5’ width. In-house capabilities exist for MIG & TIG welding with CO2, Mixed Gas (Ar+CO2) with solid and flux core wire, stud/ projection welding, riveting. SysCom can produce sheet metal assemblies & subassemblies using hot rolled and steel of different grades such as S355, ST 52, 42,37, IS 2062, Hardox, Weldox, Stainless steel, Galvanized of thickness upto 50mm, Cold rolled material upto 3mm. We have expertise in many industries, such as Offhigway and Earthmoving equipments, Industrial Equipments and OEM Products.

Do you have any minimum volume requirements?

SysCom Division’s investment in automation allows us to provide short lead times for production volumes. SysCom deals in cut , bend, welded parts which normally does not involve investment in specialised tooling and fixturng, hence SysCom does not have a quantity constraint. For job involving tooling and fixturing we can design and develop the same. SysCom does high value low volume as well as low value high volume items.

Do you have any manufacturing process constraints?

We do not deal in high tonnage press components normally and also in complex machining such as housings etc.

What type of fabrications you manufacture and what is not included in your current capability?

SysCom manufactures CNC Laser cut-CNC cut and Bent Sheet Metal Components, Manual and Robotic welding- Shot blasted and Painted parts for plate thicknesses upto 25 mm and thickness above the same could be processed by us from outside using profile or plasma currently and inhouse in near future. For rolling and high tonnage bending beyond 400T we get it done from outside. We manufacture small, medium and heavy fabrications as well as counterweights including filling. We currently do not manufacture pressure vessels.

Do you work with tubing?

SysCom is able to weld tubing to fabricated sheet metal components. We are not equipped to manufacture tubing in production quantities, however we have trusted manufacturing sub-contractors who can help us provide this service. As part of an overall order, SysCom can provide tube related services and assemblies.

Do you work with wire?

While SysCom does not have the necessary equipment to manufacture wire components or assemblies, we do have trusted manufacturing sub-contractors who have a successful track record in providing this service to us. As part of an overall order, SysCom can provide wire related services and assemblies.

Do you do machining work?

As part of an overall order, SysCom can provide machining services that is very cost effective. We do have CNC lathes, milling machines, radial drilling facilities. SysCom’s expertise and competitive advantage is also in machined components and post fabrication machining.

Do you powder coat finish in house?

SysCom has its state of the art inhouse pretreatment and powder coating facility as well as shotblasting and painting facility. We can provide different colours as well as salt spray life of over 500 hours.

Do you provide the stock raw material for production?

SysCom has a variety of customers and has a high variety of sheet metal thicknesses and sizes maintains a minimum level of stock material for the majority of our sheet metal fabrication services.

Quality and Technical Questions:

What factors do you look at when deciding whether to laser cut or punch a part?

The geometry of the sheet metal part and thickness to be manufactured typically determines whether the part is best suited for laser cutting or CNC punching. Special tools needed to run in the CNC turrets can be eliminated if utilizing laser cutting, although laser cutting may require more machine time and possibly more cost. These special tools may be justified if the production volumes are high. Sometimes finishing restrictions necessitate the use of the laser or the CNC punch. In all circumstances, SysCom would quote the lowest overall cost for production, given the specifics of the part to be manufactured.

What are the Quality systems deployed ?

SysCom is a ISO 9001 2000 certified company. SysCom work closely with its customer on a long term, reliable source for fabricated components. We deploy the best practices and are open to join hands with our are valued customer in their mission to raise the Quality of the product produced by us. We are a member of the JCB – CII cluster initiative and regularly monitor key quality parameters. We meet PPAP and APQP requirements of the customer.

Administrative and Payment Questions:

What information do you need to process an order?

For SysCom to process your sheet metal fabrication purchase order, we need to have a purchase order faxed (+91-20..............) or e-mailed (syscomsales@veenaindustries.com). Included on your purchase order should be your billing address, shipping address, part number(s) ordered including revision code if applicable, quantity ordered per part, requested ship date, and any special finishing requirements. We would require igs files, drawings or dxf’s from of the part(s) ordered. If this is the first sheet metal production order for your company, we will request a credit application to be filled out and we will promptly notify you of your credit status. We will acknowledge receipt of your purchase order and confirm the delivery date within 2/3 days of receiving a purchase order from your company.

What is the difference between a medium and large run?

In general, a medium run of parts would be in the vicinity of 5-100 pieces. Anything more than 100 would be considered a large run.

How do you process blanket orders?

SysCom can work with a variety of systems in expediting orders. Some of our customers utilize KanBan releases, some require us to log into their websites for purchase order releases, others release via their own internal processing system. Blanket orders typically are for annual requirements of sheet metal components and assemblies. The release dates can be communicated by the customer for the entire term of the order but they don’t need to be determined at the front end. When SysCom receives a blanket purchase order, we communicate with our customer to determine what their release quantity will typically be and we agree upon a safety stock quantity that will be available immediately after a release. Customers are notified of our lead time to replenish stock inventory so that they can adjust their quantities accordingly.

What is your return policy?

SysCom produces sheet metal fabricated parts according to customer drawings and specifications. We produce these parts only when we have a purchase order. Since each order is customer specific and we have no other market to sell these items, SysCom cannot accept returned items unless the parts do not conform to customer specifications. If that should occur, SysCom will rework or replace the nonconforming parts. SysCom will need to be contacted prior to returning parts so that we can assign a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#). We may only want to have a small sampling of parts returned to make our assessment. Once we receive the items, we will notify you how and when we will provide parts that meet your specifications.

What are your payment terms?

SysCom’s payment terms depend on the value and the volume of the job. We require advance for high value jobs and would accept payment after delivery for low volume and low value jobs. Variations to these payment terms would need to be discussed and approved by SysCom prior to fabricating your sheet metal requirements. SysCom is able to accept RTGS / Swift / Cheque / DD payments at our customer’s request.

What information is needed to set up a credit account?

A Credit Application needs to be completed, requesting basic company information, vendor references and bank information. Credit applications depend on the timeliness of vendor responses. We will notify applicants of their credit approval as soon as it is processed.


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    Syscom website inaugurated by Senior members of Wirtgen, Germany.
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